About UX Melbourne

UX Melbourne is an informal community of almost 600 Melbourne based UX professionals. It has grown organically to encourage all people interested in user experience to get together, share ideas, support each other and have fun.

Under the broader UX banner we are interested in the wide range of related skills and disciplines, including user experience design, interaction design, service design, customer experience, accessability, usability, content strategy, visual design, user research, etc.

About UX Movie Nights

The idea for UX Movie Nights came from wanting a regular, simple (low cost, easy to run), get together where people working in and around the field of user experience in Melbourne could chat and swap notes on work, projects, life, the universe, etc…

Melbourne UX Movie Night is an attempt to make that happen.

Every month we get together for an hour or two, watch a great UX movie, share some drinks, chat and have some laughs. The movies will run for 30 to 60 minutes, and the whole evening for two to three hours.

About UX Book Club

The original UX Book Club idea was formed by Steve Baty and others late in 2008. The idea was that people could get together to talk about their favourite user experience books, and get different view points on the book.

In Melbourne, we meet up every second month, discus the book, debate a little and talk about UX topics in general. Oh, and there’s always a beer or two as well.

Want more info? Want to help out?

Get in touch…

Chris McLay, chris@eeoh.com.au
Freelance Interaction Designer & UX Consultant

Irith Williams, irithwilliams@gmail.com
User Experience Research and Strategy for Health

Jeremy Yuille, overlobe@gmail.com
Senior Lecturer, RMIT University