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A Lean UX Australia Movie Night with Jeff Gothelf

August is UX Australia month in Melbourne, and to help out Jeff Gothelf is coming along to our UX Movie Night. Jeff co-authored our last book club book, Lean UX : Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience, and is presenting and running workshops as part of UX Australia… Continue reading A Lean UX Australia Movie Night with Jeff Gothelf

December Special – An Evening With Christopher Noessel

Good design lessons from science fiction: evaluating sci-fi interfaces using apologetics Tuesday 11 December 2012

(and our end of year party…)

Chris Noessel is Managing Director at Cooper in San Francisco and co-author of Make It So: Interface Lessons from Sci Fi. Following on from the November 28 Book Club where Make It So is featured Chris will introduce the technique of ‘Apologetics’ as a design tool. He’ll be discussing questions such as:

  1. What makes a sci-fi interface “bad”?
  2. What is the critical technique of “apologetics”?
  3. How can apologetics lead to design insights?
  4. What are some sci-fi interfaces that you’ve apologized for?
  5. What are some sci-fi interfaces that appear beyond all hope?

Chris will also be running the popular Cooper U Interaction Design Practicum in Sydney, but if you would like to attend a Melbourne version please join the UX Melbourne Google Group discussion to see if there is enough interest for a Melbourne course.

If you can’t make the November 28 Book Club but want to catch up on Make It So you can check out these links:

If you’re a big SciFi fan, or just like thinking about SciFi, you can even contribute to the Make It So case study collection! Check out the directions here,

End of year party

Please join us for an evening of conviviality in celebration of 2012!

When is it?

Tuesday, 11 December 2012.

Come down to the bar when you finish work, Chris will present from about 6:30 PM.

Where is it?

Horse Bazaar

397 Little Lonsdale St

Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it’s absolutely free. (Just turn up and buy something from the bar to thank them for their support of UX Melbourne).

Tell us you’re coming

Tell us you’re coming by emailing – it helps us heaps if you do.

Special Event: Rachel Lovinger on Nimble Content

Courtesy of the lovely folks at Sitegeist and Manner we have a wonderful opportunity to hear from a pioneer in content strategy: Rachel Lovinger, the Associate Content Strategy Director at Razorfish in New York will be presenting Nimble Content: Publishing in the Digital Age.

Nimble Content: Publishing in the Digital Age

Content needs to be free (like a bird, not like beer) – free to be viewed across any platform at any time. To survive in the digital age, publishers must find engaging ways to re-package their content as products and services with a distinct value to customers.

In this talk, Rachel will address the challenges facing the publishing industry today, including if and how to monetize content, and how publishers can successfully make the transition to the digital landscape, deliver valuable content to a growing range of platforms and devices, be prepared to create new content products, and deepen audience engagement.

About Rachel

Rachel Lovinger has over 10 years experience in online publishing, website development and content management. As an Associate Experience Director, Content Strategy at Razorfish, Rachel strives to connect users with the quality content they want and need. She’s especially interested in relevance, findability, signification, and inherently funny words. Rachel was doing content strategy long before she realized it was an actual field.

Rachel founded the Semantic Web Affinity Group at Razorfish, dedicated to exploring a future in which information is more efficiently structured and connections more easily discovered. This led her to author “Nimble: A Razorfish Report on Publishing in the Digital Age” which was published in June 2010. Rachel is also a frequent contributor to Scatter/Gather, Razorfish’s Content Strategy blog.

Rachel onTwitter: @rlovinger

When is it?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011.

Come down from 5:30 / 6:00 PM, Rachel will present from 6:30 PM.

Where is it?

Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it’s absolutely free. (Just turn up and buy something from the bar to thank them for their support of UX Melbourne.)

Tell us you’re coming…

Tell us you’re coming by emailing – it helps us heaps if you do.

And then tell your Twitter followers that you are coming…
I’m going to see Rachel Lovinger talk about Nimble Content.

Paul Dourish @ UX Book Club

The next Melbourne UX Book Club is Tuesday 15th February. This months book is Where the Action Is, The Foundations of Embodied Interaction, by Paul Dourish, and we are super lucky to have Paul in town and coming along to talk to us about the book.

Computer science as an engineering discipline has been spectacularly successful. Yet it is also a philosophical enterprise in the way it represents the world and creates and manipulates models of reality, people, and action.

In this book, Paul Dourish addresses the philosophical bases of human-computer interaction. He looks at how what he calls “embodied interaction”—an approach to interacting with software systems that emphasizes skilled, engaged practice rather than disembodied rationality—reflects the phenomenological approaches of Martin Heidegger, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and other twentieth-century philosophers.

The phenomenological tradition emphasizes the primacy of natural practice over abstract cognition in everyday activity. Dourish shows how this perspective can shed light on the foundational underpinnings of current research on embodied interaction. He looks in particular at how tangible and social approaches to interaction are related, how they can be used to analyze and understand embodied interaction, and how they could affect the design of future interactive systems.

Remember you don’t have to have read the book to come along – feel free to just come and have a chat about what others thought and learned from it.

To RSVP email

New venue this month!

Cogent Consulting
Level 3, 10-16 Queen Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Drop in after 6:00 PM for a 6:30 PM chat.
(Not before 6, as people will be working.)

Thank you to Cogent for sharing their space with us!

Paul has been invited to Australia by the Department of Information Systems at the University of Melbourne.

Special Event: Gian Wild on PDFs & Accessibility

We’re delighted to announce that Gian Wild will present at UX Melbourne on PDFs and Accessibility early in the new year.

PDFs have always been an issue when it comes to accessibility. With the advent of WCAG2, it becomes the decision of policy-makers such as AGIMO and the Australian Human Rights Commission (formerly HREOC) as to whether PDFs are deemed an ‘accessible technology’ and whether they can be on a site without an accessible alternative.

AGIMO is currently undertaking a review of PDFs and their capacity to be made accessible. This seminar talks about the review and its likely outcomes.

About Gian

Gian has worked in the accessibility industry since 1998 and consulted on the development of the first Level AAA accessible website in Australia (Disability Information Victoria). She ran the accessibility consultancy PurpleTop from 2000 to 2005 and built the accessibility tool, PurpleCop.

Amongst other sites, Gian has worked as the Accessibility Consultant for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games and was responsible for training Microsoft developers in accessibility. She also wrote the original and updated version of the Victorian eGovernment Resource Centre Web Accessibility Toolkit. Gian was a Member of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group from May 2000 to August 2006.

When is it?

Tuesday, 18th January 2011

Come down from 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start

Where is it?

23 Meyers Pl
Melbourne VIC 3000

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it’s free (but if you can purchase something from the bar that will thank them for their support of UX Melbourne).

We’ll supply the nibbles.

Tell us you’re coming

The venue’s capacity is limited so make sure you RSVP to ensure your place! Email us at