UX Book Club: Doorbells, Danger and Dead Batteries by Steve Portigal

We’re excited to announce a special double-event for our next book club. We’ll be discussing Steve Portigal’s latest book and then the following week, we’ll be talking to Steve live via video link-up to discuss our thoughts and questions about the book, as well as share our own user research experiences.

Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries examines the bizarre, comic, tragic, and generally astonishing experiences that researchers have out in the field.

We’ll be discussing our thoughts and opinions on the book and it will also be a great starting point for group discussions to share our own experiences and war stories. Whether you’re experienced or new to user research, you are very welcome to join us.

“User research war stories are personal accounts of the challenges researchers encounter out in the field, where mishaps are inevitable, yet incredibly instructive. Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries is a diverse compilation of war stories that range from comically bizarre to astonishingly tragic, tied together with valuable lessons from expert user researcher Steve Portigal.”

Find Out More About the Book
You can read lots more more about the book at the Rosenfeld website: 

You can listen to Gerry Gaffney interview Steve about the book in a great interview on the User Experience Podcast: 

Steve recently joined UX Mastery for an online Ask the UXperts session. You can read the full transcript here: 

I’m in! How do I RSVP?
To join, simply RSVP here and come along on the night with your book or eBook, questions, thoughts and opinions! If you can’t make it, please reverse your RSVP early so there is room for someone else.

Do I Need to Read the Book?
Yes (well, at least some of it!). Our discussions will be about the book and the topics and ideas that it includes. You’ll get so much more out of book club by having read some or all of the book.

30% Special Discount for UX Melbourne!
The publishers, Rosenfeld Media have kindly provided UX Melbourne with a discount – just quote UXMELB when ordering online! So for about $20AUD, you can download the e-book and start reading today:

Give The Summary and Get a Free Copy
Our friends at UX Mastery are kindly giving a free eBook copy of the book to any member willing to give the five minute summary at the start of the book club. Contact us before January 20th if you’re interested.

What Happens at Book Club
6.30 – One of us gives a 5-minute summary of the book
6.35 – We break into three groups for conversation about the book guided by some suggested topics and talking points.
7.15 – We share our group’s discussions and ideas with the full group and continue to discuss the book amongst the whole group. We talk about some questions, topics and experiences that we’d like to discuss with Steve Portigal at UX Breakfast Book Club the following week.
8.00 – The book club concludes but everyone is welcome to stay and continue the UX discussions!