UX Book Club: This Human by Melis Senova

We’re excited to announce that the author of our next book, Melis Senova, will be joining us in person at UX Book Club. We’ll be discussing her new book – This Human: How to be the Person Designing for Other People.

There are many great books about the design process, tools and methods. One missing aspect, almost in an ironic twist, is what it takes to be the person who is actually doing the designing. This Human is about that person.

The person who needs to observe to gain insight, to make sense of their observations in a way that isn’t biased by their own world views. The person who needs to communicate in many different ways with many different intentions to communicate information which is often hard to access, difficult to grasp and just not that tangible. The person who is so passionate about having a positive impact they become exhausted one third of the way into their project.

This book helps these people to learn more about themselves and how to think and be in their practice—to grasp all that is going on inside that then influences their creations.

I’m in! How do I RSVP?  
To join, simply RSVP here and come along on the night with your book, questions, thoughts and opinions! If you can’t make it, please reverse your RSVP early so there is room for someone else.

Get the book 
You can buy the book here with 34% off and shipping in 1-2 days:

Find Out More About the Book 
There’s lots to discover at the book’s website here:

Do I Need to Read the Book?  
Yes, our discussions will be about the book and the topics and ideas that it includes. So we ask that you come to book club having read some or all of the book and be ready to discuss its topics and ideas.

What Happens at Book Club
6.00 – Join us at the venue from 6pm for drinks and snacks 
6.30 – Melis will talk to us about some of the book’s themes and topics. 
6.45 – We break into groups for conversation about the book guided by some topics and talking points suggested by Melis. 
7.30 – We share our group’s discussions and ideas with the full group and continue to discuss the book amongst the whole group.  
8.00 – The book club concludes but everyone is welcome to stay and continue the UX discussions!

Thank you to UX Mastery for again sponsoring UX Book Club and another big thank you to MYOB for providing a fantastic venue for our book club – at their brilliant Innovation Hub.