UX for the Consumer Internet of Things – UX Book Club with Claire Rowland

What’s different about user experience design for the Internet of Things?

Our next UX Book Club book – Designing Connected Products – delivers advice for UX designers working with cross-device interactions and the complex ecosystems inherent in IoT technology.

We’ll be discussing this book together as a group and we’re excited that the book’s lead author, Claire Rowland will then be joining us live in a video link-up from London for the second half of our meet-up.

Claire Rowland is an independent UX strategy and product consultant based in London. She has a particular interest in taking connected products from an early adopter user base to the mass market, and technologies that support mundane, everyday activities.

Networked thermostats, fitness monitors, and door locks show that IoT devices can (and will) provide abundant ways for people to interact with the world around them. But designing connected products for consumers is a challenge that involves issues beyond UI and interaction design.

Topics include:

• How the technology of IoT affects UX

• Product and design strategy for connected devices

• Industrial design

• Interface and interaction design for embedded devices

• Cross-device interactions and interusability

• Interoperability

• Responsible IoT design

• Designing with data

• Prototyping and user research methods for connected products

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Why not buy the eBook and start reading today? It’s not essential to have read all of it to take part in this event – but of course you’ll get loads more out of it if you do. And you can read it knowing you’ll get the chance to talk to Claire about your thoughts, ideas and questions at this event.

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Buy a Printed Copy

If you prefer good old fashioned printed books (and this one’s lovely – tons of images and super illustrations) then here are a couple of the places to buy it from.

Angus Robertson

Book Depository

When is it?

Tuesday 27th October – gathering at 6.00pm. Our discussions will start at 6.30pm and Claire will be joining us live by video at 7.30pm. We’ll finish around 8.30pm.

Where is it?

General Assembly are kindly hosting this event at their fabulous new campus at Level 12A, 45 William Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000. Thanks, GA!

Start exploring the book’s topics now

You can read an excellent short overview of the topic in this free book from O’Reilly:


Check out this inspiring talk from Claire, which she gave shortly before the book was published.


Take a look at the book’s website for a taste of what’s inside:


Looking forward to seeing you there!