UXMelbourne . ORG is not UXMelbourne . COM . AU

Hi everyone,

There has been some confusion recently about UX Melbourne, so we thought it was a good idea to try to clarify what’s what, and what’s going on.

In 2010 we started UX Melbourne to make it easier for Melbourne’s professional UX community to organise and run events like UX Book Club and UX Movie Nights.

Recently, Bernard Schokman registered the domain UXMelbourne dot COM dot AU, and started using the UX Melbourne name for his business. Having two organisations using the same name has understandably caused some confusion and some frustration.

We want to be very clear that there is no relationship between us and Bernard and his business. While we wish Bernard all the best with his business, we don’t endorse him or his business, and we wish he would use a different name.

For reference our places on the internet are:

We look forward to seeing you at more events in 2015,
The UX Melbourne Helpers.